Samusamu's Journal

11 July
he's the world's tallest rascal ;)
About Me
My name is "samusamu". I live in Osaka, which is situated in the western part of Japan. I wholeheartedly admit that I'm a TV addict :P
My Favorite
I'm also a big Jared Padalecki fan and have been since he started on Gilmore Girls!! I always watch ATP Tennis or NFL games on TV,so I focus on the TV screen with absorbed interest. I like watching sports, but I have to admit that I'm too lazy to do any sport myself. I like reading,seeing movies,listening to music,eating gourmet food,going to museum,traveling alone,and making new friends!
My Favorite TV Show
DEXTER,Supernatural,Gilmore Girls,OZ,Deadwood,The Wire,Prison Break,Burn Notice,The Closer,Torchwood,FRINGE,The Walking Dead,オー!マイキー!,ウサビッチ and more ;)

I LOVE OH! Mikey! ♥♥

I LOVE Usavich(ウサビッチ) ♥♥

made by angels_cordy thanks,sweetie ;)